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Antique Yakata is located on Nawate-dori Street, in the north side of Gion, Kyoto.
We are located in a traditional Kyoto townhouse and sell mainly Japanese and Oriental art.
Our store has been featured in foreign media as a representative store of Kyoto's history.
We look forward to serving you.

Antique Yakata - televised internationally on NHK World-Japan

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English is not my strong point and I am not conversant, If you have any questions or orders, please email me in a clear and simple manner.

Orders are shipped only within Japan.
We do not ship internationally.
For those of you living overseas, please see this page for reference only, Please order from your friends in Japan or visit our store when you come to Japan.

Updated information and types of items are introduced in simple English text.
Japanese and oriental art is listed for sale.

Please see the website in Japanese.
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Prices are in Japanese yen.

The website is currently in Japanese, but we plan to add a brief English explanation.
Until then, please see photos and prices only.

Photo of the interior of the Antique Yakata

Features of Antique Yakata

Kyoto is a capital city that has been in existence for a thousand years, and many of Japan's most famous antiques remain. Antique Yakata is located in Gion, a prime location in Kyoto, and is designated as a historic preservation district.
About 70 antique dealers line the streets of this neighborhood.
The shop is located in a traditional Kyoto townhouse that still retains its charming atmosphere.
We are a well-established antique store that receives nearly 100 customers a day from all over the world.

We always display and sell more than 2,000 attractive and interesting items purchased directly from traditional Kyoto townhouse.
We have a wide variety of products not listed on our website.
We look forward to your visit.

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Address 197 Nishino-cho, Shinmonzen Nawate-agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Japan 605-0088
TEL 075-533-1955
Regular holidays Monday & Tuesday
Business hours 11:00~17:30




写真が18枚あります。くわしくはこちら 小林凰晁の作品です。購入当時の素晴らしい表具が施され、絹本 地で 共箱 が付いております。古い時代 の逸品ですが、ご覧のように、保存状態 の良い日本の 骨董品 を代表する 掛軸 です。このような観音像の図はたくさんありますが、綺麗で上品な 逸品 なので掲載しております。お店では時代を経てきた掛け軸や 日本画 を多数販売しておりますが、綺麗な状態の作品のみホームページに掲載し販売しております。面白い 図柄 で、状態の良い昔の 掛軸 や茶席の書画、高僧の書画は買取させて頂きます。 小林凰晁は明治22年京都生まれ、初号・春樵。後に凰晁と しております。山元春挙に 師事 し、大正6年の第10回 文展 で褒状を受け、その後も11年の第4回 帝展 に入選するなど、3回の入選を重ね、また大毎展にも入選しました。戦後も竜安寺の近くに住んで画業に専心するが、昭和39年以降の消息は不明。 汚れや傷みがひどい掛軸、また落款や 書付 が読み取れない掛け軸でも高価な品物もあります。当店では、専属のシミ抜きや汚れを取る、表具の業者がおります、素人判断で触ったり、修理せずにそのままの状態でご相談下さい。また鑑定証や共箱は一緒にお持ちください。掛け軸の 名品 も数多く買取させて頂き、中国美術 の作家も得意としておりますので、お気軽にご相談ください。